VIDEO: 8 Steps to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally | Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Learn more from Dr. Stephen Sinatra about how to lower and manage your blood pressure by making simple lifestyle changes and using targeted nutritional supplements. Find out more about Dr. Sinatra’s unique approach to blood pressure and heart health.


Blood pressure is a condition that is most delicately monitored of any person. There are certain reasons for its ups and down , typically eating a lot of fatty food, lack of exercise, cholesterol and heavy amount of calories and most importantly sleeping disorder are the main causes for blood pressure abnormalities.

Blood pressure abnormalities are often found in adults and children as well for a reason that they ignore their health routine and not try to make it better. Blood pressure goes up and it gets down for several reasons almost main reasons out of them are already mentioned.

If you feel weakness or something wrong with your body and if you have health problems it is significant that you check your check your blood pressure conditionat that time. Other than keeping the blood pressure monitor device it is significant that you use a blood pressure chart. A blood pressure chart explains two values of a person’s blood pressure.  They are systolic and termed or diastolic. Both of these two types of pressure are very important to determine real condition of a person’s body. Typically it is written with the format in quote “110/70”; where first number 110 represents the systolic pressure and second number 70 represent the diastolic pressure. Physicians are supposed to check both values as higher or lower signifies that the current blood pressure is high or low. Blood pressure chart helps to keep a track of the personal blood pressure at several times and helps the physician to observe. Therefore it is important to keep a blood pressure chart at home or at work place to monitor your health condition.

Blood Pressure Chart

A blood pressure chart does not only identify your blood pressure condition but it also helps to let you know that according to your height, weight and age, how much blood pressure is considered normal. With the help of this you will remain aware of your health status.  Keeping a blood pressure chart is highly useful if you have hypertension, diabetes or other heart conditions because a record of your blood pressure readings is definitely useful on your side. This is not only helpful to you but it can be helpful in many ways to your friends and family members  as it will lessen a number of problems you or your family members might be facing, as well as diagnose or adjustment to your current health problems could be more easier with the help of a blood pressure chart.

A maintained diet plan and regular exercise with some time to relax are vital for anyone to stay healthy. Whenever someone fails to keep it a habit, early signs of sickness often start to appear.

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