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According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as many as five million men in the United States currently suffer from low testosterone. It is likely that many more have not been diagnosed with the condition. Furthermore, even men whose testosterone falls in the low end of the normal range may experience some symptoms. Testosterone supplements are the safest, least expensive approach to boosting the body’s levels.


The most common symptoms of low testosterone are decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, stubborn weight gain, and low energy levels. Other signs include a difficulty in concentrating, sleep disruption, and enlarged breast tissue. If levels drop very low, body hair and muscle mass may be lost, and testes may shrink. Bones may become brittle, and there is an increased risk of developing diabetes. In fact, having diabetes is a risk factor for low testosterone, with one third of diabetics having both conditions.


As men age, testosterone production drops by about one percent every year beginning around the age of 40. Usually, levels do not fall out of the established normal range (that is, below 300 ng/mL), but there may still be some associated symptoms. Testosterone supplements can help older men to feel younger and more energetic, as well as restoring virility.


Other causes of low testosterone are an injury or disease state that affects both testicles, some medications, and some systemic diseases, including mumps and meningitis. Brain conditions such as inflammation or tumors that affect the hypothalamus or pituitary will also affect testosterone levels, because these glands regulate production.


The standard medical treatment is hormone replacement therapy, with testosterone being delivered directly into the bloodstream, most often via a topical gel. The side effects can be serious. There appears to be a relationship between high testosterone levels and an increased risk of benign enlargement of the prostate gland as well as prostate cancer, and an increased risk of liver and kidney disease. The truth is, there have been few long-term studies performed to assess the safety of hormone replacement therapy in men.


Natural testosterone boosters are a better choice all around. These supplements work by stimulating the body’s own production of hormone. They contain herbal preparations that have been used for centuries to safely and gently treat the symptoms of low testosterone in men of all ages. They are highly effective and, used according to directions, do not produce any negative side effects.


For the best results, several different supplements should be cycled. Taking a single supplement for too long allows the body to develop tolerance, so that it no longer has the desired effect. By rotating through different supplements, this effect is prevented. There are resources that describe how to cycle wisely to gain the highest benefit.


Many men believe that their reduced libido, impotency, and fatigue are inevitable signs of getting older. While that’s true, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done about it. Use of testosterone supplements can restore vigor and potency, increasing self confidence and satisfaction with life.


There are many different testosterone supplements on the market. The natural testosterone option is the best.

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