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When it comes to nutrition, chia knocks its dietary rivals out of the park. These whole seeds boast twice the potassium content of a banana, five times more calcium than milk, and are absolutely gluten free! Chia’s antioxidant properties and stipulation of thermogenic acid in the body makes for a purifying, fibre-rich addition to your breakfast, boosting your metabolism and stimulating brain activity before you’ve even stepped out the door.
Chia seeds are also an incredible source of essential fatty acids, most notably Omega-3. With eight times the Omega-3 of salmon, it goes a long way in promoting essential wellbeing. Chia’s Omega-3 content will:
• Boost your brain power, by improving concentration and mental focus
• Increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your body’s cells, increasing your energy and healing
• Improve the lustre and strength of your teeth, hair and nails
• Throw your metabolism into high gear to promote more efficient fat burn
• Improve your mood, and help alleviate symptoms of common mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety
• Reduce the risk of breast cancer, and slow the progression of tumour growth
• Clear the arteries by dispersing cholesterol
• Strengthen the immune system to ward off illness
• Stimulate more efficient nerve, muscle and membrane function
• Speed up your recovery time after rigorous exercise and illness

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