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Welcome! Here is a snippet of my weight loss journey which I have documented from day one, here on YouTube. I started losing weight 6 years ago, I have now lost 147lbs, got loose skin, underwent a tummy tuck surgery and now have been maintaining my weight successfully pretty much every day for 4 years! Please subscribe if you would like to join my for the journey, and get inspired to start yours…

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Acai is a very nourishing fruit generally found and grown in Amazon rain forests of South and Central America, which have eight species of Acai palm. It grows on Acai palm tree which is generally 15 – 30 m tall and has 3 m long acai leaves. The fruit of Acai grows in bunches (500 – 900) like grapes and is small, round and black purple in color. One can figure out lot of similarities between grapes, Acai berry and blueberry in terms of appearance and shape. The seed of Acai berry constitutes of about 80% of the fruit. Acai berry is a store house of many nutritional aspects like Weight loss capabilities, Anti – oxidant properties and reducing the cholesterol levels in humans. This fruit and its compounds are very much in demand nowadays and are used on daily diets in South American countries. Acai Berry Juice and Acai Berry Liquid are another form in which the Acai nutrients are absorbed by the people.

Research and use of Acai fruit over the years has proved that Acai has tremendous weight loss abilities, if consumed regularly as, either a supplement of Acai or purest form of Acai Berry Juice. Also the regular intake of Acai fruit strengthens the immune system of the body thus enabling it to fight diseases better and also boosts the strength of the body. The anti – oxidant property increases the metabolism levels of the body and makes you burn more fats and calories while exercising strenuously. Acai berry fruit once harvested should be freeze dried to enhance its life and nutritional value. Also with freeze drying it can be used in multiple ways in various supplementary medicines and products. Acai berry liquid, juices, beverages and smoothies are another rich source of Acai minerals.

Another super food is Goji berry which can be converted into Goji Health Juice which again is an Anti – oxidant and possesses medicinal and anti-aging properties, as well as is being acclaimed by several nutritional experts. Goji Health Juice is possibly being the healthiest food source on Earth generally found in Tibetan and Himalayan regions (South Eastern Europe and Asia).

Kirk Bachelder is an Contributor writer for this site and plays a major role. you can find more info about Acai Berry Liquid, Acai Berry Juice and Goji Health Juice.

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