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You won’t only burn fat off your body while you are dancing, if done properly, you can even burn fat off that stubborn belly fat. Belly fat is the fat that is lodged down deep within the tissue layers of your stomach area. There aren’t many exercises that target the belly fat area. Belly fat is considered to be the most stubborn as compared to the fat present on the other parts of the body. I never wanted to inherit my mom’s stomach. It’s hard not too. I see it coming so I am looking for ways to burn fat off of it better.
I’m sure, you’re just like me and love to have fun. I hate just walking on a treadmill for an hour or jogging, but turning on my television and putting on the music channels I do like.. I put on the faster pace type music and dance. If you want to burn fat, especially that belly fat, don’t do the ball room dancing type music. It will work but the results will be very slow. I love dancing on Lionel Richie’s number, ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.’ My grand children too join me while I dance. That makes it so much more enjoyable. You need to do the faster pace music because, to burn fat, you need to raise your heart rate.
If you can dance for about 60 to 90 minutes at a fast pace, that is very good. You need to make sure you keep yourself sufficiently hydrated  while you are dancing. Take a break after every 15 minutes or so and drink water. Don’t drink pop or coffee. The drinks containing caffeine do not re-hydrate you. They actually De-hydrate you.
Before you start exercising, measure your pulse rate even before you leave your bed or do anything. That will be the calibration of your resting heart rate. feel your pulse and count your heart beats for a minute.
Then to figure out what your maximum target heart rate is, for women, take 226 minus your age. That is your target range. For men it is 220 minus their age.
While exercising to find what your heart rate is and to ensure you are not straining your heart too hard, take two fingers and either press the artery in your neck or press on the inside of your wrist and count beats for 10 seconds. Multiply the number of beats by 6 to get your actual heart rate. If it is more than your maximum heart rate allowed, you are straining yourself too hard and need to slow down. If your heart rate is still rather in the range of the resting count, speed things up a bit. Different types of dance will give you different results. Dance whatever type it is you need to get your heart rate in a proper range. Your target zone should be between 70 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. You do not want to hit the maximum.
Dancing to burn fat off the belly is the best option for me. It is so much more enjoyable than jogging. I do like to walk, but I’m not sure whether I can get my heart rate up high enough. It would be a wise idea to alternate the activities and not do the same thing daily. That would keep it more interesting, especially if you can do it outdoors. If it’s lousy weather and you are stuck inside, then dancing is the best option.
No matter what your choice, make sure to increase your heart rate a bit and have fun. You owe it to yourself to have a healthier heart and a more fit you.

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