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Karisma Kapoor who is well known for her beautiful figure and skin revealed her diet secret. She said how Rujuta allowed her to eat everything she liked. She could eat the Indian snacks like Poha and Upma and also eat rice curry and fish for dinner. She thanked Rujuta for teaching her the right way to lose weight.

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Regular exercise is more important than food intake, according to DR. Peter Wood of Stanford University. If an obese person does the right exercise at the right time,he can take in lots more calories than the amount used during exercise and still lose a lot of fat.

The right exercise is the key.
The usual advice in the weight-loss industry is aerobics,the more intense the better, which is all wrong!
Aerobic exercise that raise your heart rate above 120 beats per minute, which include running, rowing, swimming, cycling and many of the fancy aerobic classes in health clubs,all strip off muscle almost as fast as they strip off fat. Muscle loss reduces your ability to to burn fat and consequently you become fatter.

Muscle is the engine in which bodyfat is burned.
Walking is a good exercise as it burns some fat and it will not burn muscle. But far better exercise for fat control is wide-
variety, high-repetition resistance training, using weights or machines.
By exercising muscles all over your body it burns a lot of fat.
Resistance exercise has a further fat-loss advantage. It not only maintains muscle mass, it also increases muscle, providing more muscle cells in which fat will be burned.

The basic rules for muscle work are simple.By using heavy resistance exercises,so that you can only complete 3-6 repetitions of an exercise and you do 5-6 sets, you build maximum strength, but you don’t lose much fat. However, if you set the weight so that
you run out of steam in 20-25 repetitions, and you do only one set, you build a little muscle, but burn a lot of fat.

Timing is also important with exercise.
Fat loss has little to do with calories during an exercise session, despite all those calorie charts showing that running burns more calories than walking and cross country skiing burns most calories of all.
Recent studies show that the right exercise raises your metabolic rate not only while you are doing it, but for up to 18 hours afterwards.

If you exercise in the evening and than go to bed, you lose most of the fat-loss effect,because sleep causes your metabolic rate to drop like a stone.
The key is to exercise in the morning, the earlier the better.

Another important factor is the number of exercise sessions per week.
If you exercise five times weekly, you lose three times as much fat as when you exercise only twice or three times per week,even if you exercise longer, according to Dr. Leonard Epstein, who analysed all the published studies on exercise and fat-loss.
People who exercised only once per week lost no fat at all.

Antioxidants protection against exercise damage.
Because exercise uses 12-20 times more oxygen than sitting in a chair, it also creates masses of free radicals that do a lot of oxidative damage to the body cells.
Oxidation is the primary cause of human degeneration. Without supplementing with antioxidants you are slowly killing yourself.

In order to reap the benefits of resistance exercise of muscle growth and reduction of body fat the smart way is to combat exercise oxidation damage by supplementation of high quality antioxidants.

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