IBM Watson Health Cloud for Life Sciences Compliance

Watch this video interview with Jim Comfort, General Manager of IBM Cloud Infrastructure Services, to learn how IBM Watson Health Cloud for Life Sciences Compliance helps life sciences organizations accelerate regulated workloads to the cloud with confidence.



First IMPORTANT. The body only absorbs 5% of vitamins from pills or tablets the rest is flushed down the toilet. Find out how you can absorb 90%. Look at Alivemax at the bottom of this page.


The unhealthy food we eat in excess ,egg processed sugars, are perpetrators in decreasing us of some minerals and vitamins. For example, too much sugar in the system can cause a depletion of zinc, chromium, magnesium and folic acid. Also, a large individual who is exercising constantly and consuming less than normal may need mineral and vitamin reinforcement.

Many people don’t meet their nutritive wants thru food consumption alone.




Additions are planned to be an addition to regular diet and not to replace required food. When unsure about our body’s nutritive inadequacies, it is safe not to help outside the nutrient elements found in a top quality multiple vitamin / mineral supplement. This is very pertinent for the mineral iron which is possibly damaging when oversupplied. It’s a great idea to make checks with a therapist chemist before bolstering.



Trace elements are required in minute quantities, but make a contribution to health in a large way. Chromium, copper, iron, selenium and zinc are examples. Chromium increases the cells ‘ sensitiveness to insulin which helps to control blood sugar and boost heat production for weight loss. Chromium helps to build lean tissue, and heavy exercise and injury increase the body’s requirement for it and potentially lead to a deficiency. Chromium is generally available as chromium picolinate supplement. A regular dose of fifty to four hundred micrograms is commended for augmentation.



Calcium Calcium is the most common mineral in the body, and most of it actually is carried in the bones. It is important for heart and nerve function, muscle tone and contraction.

Dieting can shift the quantity of calcium soaked up from food, using the body’s supply. For adult dieters, one thousand mg of calcium daily is counseled. Remember that vitamin C and vitamin D improve its assimilation.



Some fresh studies with calcium show some guarantee for weight-loss ; diets loaded in calcium may help break down fat and result in weight management. Calcium may do this by binding to fat in the tum and carrying it out of the body.

Nevertheless other studies gainsay these findings, so we wait for yet more studies.


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