How to Achieve Perfect Health – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (5.18.15)

http://www.TrinfinityAcademy.com – In this meeting, Bentinho sheds light on what makes for a healthy bodily experience, and what makes for an unhealthy bodily experience. In the bigger picture, to be healthy, transcends even the physical body, and perfect health could be defined alternatively as infinite well-being spilling out into one’s entire experiential life. Perfect Health, ultimately, makes one’s entire life-experience on all levels of being an individual expression of God, more pleasurable and ecstatic.

When we become aligned enough with who-we-really-are, the light of our Higher Consciousness can shine fully upon, into, and through our individuation, and make the body an enhancer of our thematic life’s expression, rather than an unpleasant distraction.

When we experience illness of any kind, it is:
A) To learn from, and
B) To call us back into greater, purer, more fearless alignment with who-we-really-are.

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