How I Lost 40 lbs. My Weight Loss Story

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(Since posting this video I have reached over one full year at my goal weight.)
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Top 8 Don’ts
1) Alcohol
2) Sugar (Excluding fruit. i mainly mean sugary snacks/desserts.)
3) Eating out (This is something I reserve for special occasions.)
4) Soda
5) Eating food that comes from a box (Boxed dinners, crackers, cereal, granola bars, etc.)
6) Eating big dinners or a lot of food before bedtime (I know this one can be controversial, again, I’m just telling you what I did to lose weight.)
7) Make excuses
8) Stop once you are at your goal (Keep up the healthy habits)

Top 8 Do’s
1) Make a meal plan for the entire week. Prepare for it and stick to it!
2) Eat plenty of nutritious food: vegetables, protein, fruit. The more “good” food you eat, the less room there will be for you to crave and eat the “bad” food.
3) Exercise. I do at least 150 minutes of cardio a week plus strength training.
4) Take it one day at a time. Break it up into one meal at a time and one workout at a time to make your goal manageable.
5) Record your weight weekly at the same time of the day each week. Personally, I do Friday mornings! (I’ve kept this up during my weight maintenance and it is KEY for me.)
6) Keep motivated. Have daily reminders and a support system of why you want to achieve your goal.
7) Eat breakfast (I say, the bigger the better!)
8) Drink lots of water

Makeup worn:
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Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara
Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer
Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment
Elf Brow Kit & Anastasia Brow Powder

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