Health Benefits of Mango

Mangoes have been part of the human diet for over 4,000 years. The mango tree grows in the tropics and produces juicy, nutritious fruits. People eat mangoes alone or add them to fruit salads and salsas. Fresh mangoes are low in calories and contain beneficial nutrients. Available year-round, mangoes are a healthy addition to your diet.


Most fruits and vegetables supply fiber to your diet. Mangoes are no different, and provide 2.6 g of dietary fiber in a 1 cup serving. Fiber helps foster proper digestion and prevent constipation. Dietary fiber has more far-reaching benefits, as well. A diet high in fiber can lessen your chances of developing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and diverticular disease. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women consume at least 25 grams of fiber a day and men consume at least 38 grams. One cup of mango can help you reach that total.

Vitamin A

Mangoes supply a healthy dose of vitamin A. You need adequate amounts of vitamin A in your diet to support healthy eyes and proper bone growth. Mangoes supply 1,785 IU of vitamin A in a 1 cup serving. This is about 35 percent of the vitamin A your body needs daily for good health.

Folic Acid

Folate, or folic acid, is an essential B vitamin with many health benefits. Adequate dietary intake of folic acid is essential for a healthy pregnancy. Folic acid can help prevent birth defects including spina bifida and cleft palate. A folic acid deficiency can also cause miscarriage. Folic acid is used to treat megaloblastic anemia, which occurs when red blood cells are larger than normal. You need 400 mcg of folate every day, and 1 cup of fresh mango supplies 71 mcg.

Other Nutrients

A 1-cup serving of fresh mango supplies other nutrients as well. One of the most notable is vitamin C, with 60 mg per serving. Adult women need about 75 mg of vitamin C a day and men need about 90 mg. Mangoes are high in potassium, and one serving has 277 mg. Mango also contains small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. One cup of mango also provides trace amounts of copper, selenium, manganese and zinc. Adding mango to your diet can help you increase your intake of all these important nutrients.


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Healthy nails are pretty nails – something worth considering if your nails never seem to look good. Fortunately, nails don’t need a ton to be healthy. The most necessary issue is to avoid those activities and substances that harm nails. There are some professional-active things you can do to help foster smart health. No, I do not mean costly supplements, exotic-sounding nail creams, or expensive salon treatments. What I’m talking regarding are simple, sense varieties of things that do not take a heap of effort, thought, or money.

Cuticle massage

Massage features a reputation for being a frivolous, feel-smart quite thing we have a tendency to treat ourselves to on birthdays or Mother’s days. And that is too unhealthy, as a result of massage will stimulate blood flow, encourage oxygen to succeed in body tissues, and facilitate us relax, putting it firmly in the realm of everyday health care.

If you wish further convincing, massage will additionally help our nails. Dermatologists have long known that nails on someone’s dominant hand grow faster and stronger than nails on a person’s non dominant hand. The reason? The busier hand enjoys a rise in blood supply, that nourishes and prompts nails to grow faster.

Massage also encourages increased blood flow to the fingers and toes. To massage your nails, reach for a few significant hand cream, massage oil, baby oil, or even olive oil. Place a drop or two of the merchandise at the bottom of the nail, and rub it into the cuticle, up the nail folds, and onto the nail plate itself. Nail massage includes a secondary benefit: the massage lotion or oil moisturizes the nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin therefore that nails keep robust and flexible enough to fend off breaks and the encompassing skin remains supple and hangnail-free.

The importance of gloves

No one I apprehend wears gloves while cleaning or gardening. I don’t understand why this can be, although I believe it could be a generation thing. My reasoning? My grandmother and her friends were more durable on their hands than our generation is on ours: those girls pulled weeds, harvested vegetables, picked apples, pitted cherries, peeled peaches for preserves, made minor repairs around the house, did hand laundry, washed dishes without the help of a machine, ” and scrubbed floors. However, unlike me and my friends, those women never got skilled manicures. Additionally not like me and several of my friends, those women had sturdy, healthy nails.

So what was their secret? Several dermatologists and nail technicians purpose to the gloves that the older generation wore. Gloves provide a barrier that protects nail keratin from the weakening affects of water; collisions with exhausting surfaces; corrosive household chemicals; and more. Fortunately, glove-wearing has nothing to try to to together with your generation and everything to try and do with habit. To develop the glove-carrying habit yourself, get many pairs for dishwashing and indoor cleaning, and a pair or two for gardening – then wear them!

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