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Burn the Fat is a diet system that addresses the four major elements concerned in fat loss. These are nutrition, weight training, cardio training and mental training (more on motivation). This ebook is written by Tom Venuto. Tom is a steroid-free bodybuilder, and is also a nutrition researcher as well as a fat loss expert. He used his knowledge on nutrition and fat loss to develop this program, which promises that your body will be transformed in just 49 days flat!

Nutrition and fat loss is discussed extensively in this ebook. The author explains what kinds of food people should eat and those that people who want to lose weight should avoid. It also includes instructions on how to know your body type, your metabolic rate and other necessary measurements that you need to monitor. These are needed because they can affect the type of diet you need to follow. For example, your carbohydrate intake would be customized depending on your body type and on the goals that you have set. Also, because some people have issues such as lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance, this diet program could be adjusted to accommodate these people’s special needs.

An optional choice that you can include in this nutrition is the use of supplements. With all of the different products that are coming out and claiming to be the best supplement, people may be confused and fall for scams that are all over the internet. So the author gives great tips on what kind of supplements are good to help you in your goals. Although, Tom is adamant that the supplements are really not needed and is completely a personal choice.

Exercises such as weight training and cardio training are important if people want to lose weight. The author of Burn The Fat explains both weight and cardio training in great detail. And although this was written by a bodybuilder, the exercises are not exclusive for bodybuilders. It is not gender sensitive or age sensitive either. In fact, about half of those who are following this diet are women, and there have also been reports that older adults aged 60 and above have benefited from this program. Also, you don’t really need to go to the gym for the workouts. The author said you just need some basic equipment such as barbells or dumbbells and a few others.

Mental training is also a key point here and is sometimes overlooked by some people. When someone is trying to lose weight, staying motivated may be the thing that keeps him or her on track. Goal setting is one of the author’s methods of motivation and it is a very useful one. Tom gives important tips on how one should properly set their goal.

According to Tom, this is a not really a “weight loss” program, but it is more of a “fat loss” system. With this program, people can expect to lose around 2 pounds of pure fat each week. It is also geared to make the diet specifically suited to a person’s body type, and the exercises here help boost one’s metabolism and increase muscle strength while also increasing muscle tissue. Burn the Fat truly is a well-rounded fat loss program.

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