Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition S02E03 – Ryan

Almost every American woman feels the need to diet at some point in her life– after all, we’re constantly being told that we need to be thin in order to be pretty and successful, right? There are countless weight loss products on the market, from drinks and snacks designed to keep us from eating too much to weight loss supplements that promise to melt the fat away without us lifting a finger.

Unfortunately, however, there is only one tried and true method to losing weight, and even more unfortunately, it is the least pleasant one (isn’t that how it always is?). Namely, eating less, exercising more, and drinking plenty of water. Eating fewer calories, burning more calories, and drinking more water is the only scientifically supported way to lose weight. There is no magic bullet that will melt the pounds away, unfortunately– even diet pills work on this principle, as they are stimulants that suppress your appetite (thus causing you to take in fewer calories) and speed up your metabolism (causing you to burn more calories).

Unfortunately, most diet pills are also extremely harmful and can cause heart damage or even death precisely because they are stimulants. Pills that don’t work like that, such as the FDA-approved Alli, tend to work by causing the body to absorb less fat, thus getting you fewer calories from your food. As much as no one wants to be told this, not even medical science has found away around the age-old advice: eat less and do more.

Luckily, there are ways to do this that are much more fun and exciting than they used to be. There are all kinds of options for exercise now that don’t involve sweating away on the treadmill, from Zumba dance classes to all-women gyms, and there are even twenty-four hour fitness centers now that will fit into anyone’s schedule. Eating better is easier, cheaper, and more varied than ever before as well, with a greater emphasis on fresh ingredients and healthy cooking in the media. Healthy recipes can be found online, in cookbooks, and even on cable television now as more and more people want to cook meals that are better for them. Even drinking more water is more fun than it used to be, since many drink companies now make zero-calorie, sugar free flavoring packets to put into your bottled water.

Nowadays, dieting and exercising (and even drinking water!) is not the rice cakes and hours on the treadmill that it used to be; it can be every bit as fun and rewarding as an unhealthy lifestyle.

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